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Celebrating over 27 years of providing
the MD Personal Property Return Software!

MD Form 1 & Form 2 Software

The 2019 available for download now (Including ALL NEW Forms)

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MD Personal Property Return
Software Features

MD Personal Property Return Software

Prepares MD Form 1 & MD Form AT3-51

  • MD Personal Property Return Software Will Run on ALL Windows Versions, including Windows 10
  • State Assessment Calculation
  • Transfer Utility to Import Client Data and Adjust Prior Year Figures
  • Supporting Schedules for Leased Assets

Handles ALL Calculations Automatically

  • Ability to Cross-Check Totals Between Forms for Accuracy
  • FREE Unlimited Technical Support by Phone or Email
  • Color Coded Fields for Easy Reference
  • Fully-Documented Help System

Professional Looking Reports

  • Ability to Customize Cover Letter to Include Your Logo!
  • Options to Print Cover Letter & Assessment Calculations
  • Reports That Provide Optional Filtering for Completed vs. Uncompleted Returns
  • Ability to Group Reports by Preparer

Used by 100’s of CPA’s, Accountants and Lawyers!